Companionway Slats

We design and fabricate new, replacement, and custom designed Companionway Slats.  Should you have a need for this item, we can accommodate your requirements.  We will work with you to assure that the Companionway Slats will be appropriate for your application and conform to the contour of your boat as we have for other satisfied customers.

Please use the on-line contact form, send an email, or give us a call (813) 843-9721 to set up an appointment to discuss your application and to obtain an estimate.

Fabricated out of ¾”-1” solid teak boards. Solid teak boarder 2” wide and ¾”-1” thick attached along the sides of insert boards with G-Flex Epoxy.  Designed and shaped per customer description and drawing. All edges rounded over with 1/4” radiuses top and bottom.

Cut outs and additional molding can be provided per customer order.

Penetrating oil can be applied (optional).