welcome back to another video I I think that’s all right yeah oh but I’m so hard to tell alright that should be alright welcome back to another video guys I know I’ve been a little bit long with the post recently but in today’s video guys it occurred to me that a lot of you guys watching my content are not just casual viewers but you are actually youtubers yourselves and a lot of youtubers it’s pretty much the general consensus that a youtuber knows how to edit videos and recently this past year I’ve been able to turn my passion which is editing and creating videos into pretty much a full-time job now full-time I don’t mean literally 9:00 to 5:00 every single day pretty much yo what’s up you don’t have to whisper it’s like God cut does cover spit and pretty much however many hours a week work that you actually get out of me showing you um makes which is one of those of the various different sites and methods I actually use to bring in work and pretty much as many hours as you put into trying to find the work is as many hours as you genuine you’re going to get back of course there are relative other kind of factors of course you do have to have a a generally decent good skill level at editing on but it does range and various different jobs you can find through the site that I’m going to talk about today pretty much ranges for a little different skill levels and you should not have a problem finding work if you guys know how to video edit and um if this goes well I also have another video topic in mind which is how to make money as a video log refer online and you guys can actually start getting money through Facebook that’s right I was actually a way this weekend getting paid money to enjoy a festival [Music] that’s right of course it is approaching the summer and I got paid to go to this festival absolutely all expenses paid as well as a paycheck on top of it just to film the whole festival and I actually did all of this through Facebook so it occurred to me like I said before a lot of you guys are also in the same position as me you might have previously been youtubers currently youtubers and along with that comes some skills that are actually very highly sought-after and you just have to know where to look so like I said in today’s video I’m going to show you how to make money video editing online in 2017 okay so first step and I know this is going to kind of seem a little bit basic but what you’re pretty much didn’t want to do is Google best freelance websites that’s right of course it is right to have at the top of my search because that is priority for me now once you google best freelance websites on you’re going to get promoted a list of the best 15 sites for 3 lines work now the one at the top is the one we’re going to be focusing on I have tried a fair few of these I’ve tried freelancer on top how with the one that really captured my attention the easiest to navigate and I believe the biggest actual freelancer marketplace is up work so that is the one we’re to be focusing on today that is the one that I have actually been able to cultivate a job this year out of really around my passion and I believe that if you guys have really a varied skill skill level there will be jobs on hear anything from make me a basic youtube intro which are for loads of you know how to do two motion track Godzilla into my movies you know what I mean so yes what we’re going to want to do is yes I have it up there bookmarks but so the purposes of this video is for the type in upwork.com and once we get to the site it is going to look at something like this okay so now we have reached our destination which is the upwork home page now I will not be actually walking me through the entire signup process but is you know if you signed up to any website before it’s pretty much along the same line so navigate your way through the signup process and now I’m actually going to show off my footed design profile and this is a bit that’s really going to take a little bit of time a little bit of collecting various different work you’ve done and a short but but concise –iv write-up of who you are and the product or services that you are offering and the skills that you actually have that someone else is going to want to come see for it so I’m signing in really quickly and now we will take a look at my profile this is very important the only thing probably more important than your profile is the actual proposal in the cover letter that you begin to send potential clients to actually sell them on you being the person that is the right candidate for this job because it is essentially a bidding war between all the different freelancers for who gets the job we’ll get to that in a second now as you see right here I’ve pulled up my profile is basically just going to be an example of a good profile as you see everything’s nice and neat I clearly have a picture of myself up at the top my um my name and initial the services clearly stating that I’m offering which is freelancer video editor video editing video post-production those are my my two areas where I see so for you maybe if you did online craft animations you could put animation if you make intro scraps intros and the list goes on and on and on now what you’re going to want for your overview is pretty much just a brief summary of yourself what you’ve done and overall your accolades so far so for me I have on founded a YouTube channel in 2014 and grew it in three years from zero to 70 thousand subscribers and five million views obviously on what I’m actually going for a lot of YouTube based gigs this little tagline right there really helps me out and gets me in the door with these various people so of course like I said you really have to gather the various different information that honor really is keep you that’s going to get the client interested in working with you and then of course your portfolio down here now what I have actually done is instead of linking every single little piece of content that I’ve done right here as a portfolio I just had one main link off-site to my genuine on an actual portfolio page which I would definitely encourage everyone to create and then what I’ve done is featured two videos that I’m very proud of and then a link to my YouTube channel to back up that you know I’m not just a random person on the internet saying that I build this channel saying that I can video edit this is all definite proof right here on screen for any potential clients that might want to get in business together but definitely want to make sure that getting in business with the person that I’m saying I am and then of course my right is right at the top $35 an hour and pretty much that right there is a healthy profile a healthy portfolio now what we’re going to want to do is take a look at the actual getting a job part of this video okay so now you guys have created an account and set up a profile it’s time to apply for a job so what you don’t want to do is literally just head over to the upwork logo once you get to the find work section of upwork you’re simply yes you guessed it gonna type video with editing simple as that you guys are now after doing that search going to be greeted with a variety of different people that are looking for freelancer to essentially send them a a proposal telling them hey I can make this video with an example showing them that okay he genuinely or she genuinely can make this video and provide the product and the services that I decline and after and it’s pretty much as simple with that it does take a little while to set up of course your profile your portfolio and a little brief write-up about yourself and once you’ve done all that all you have to do is search and apply now as you can see here there’s loads of different gigs video editor needed for cooking videos for YouTube video what it’s needed looking for quick edits of stock videos so this person right here is running a website called little things calm and is looking for quick edits for web videos and they have licenses and the feature on their channel and that was my mom texting me from London telling me to check out my brother and remind him to go to his exam I said that him like much like in video voice it’s not the end of the video guys I really hope you enjoy me showing you how to make money video editing online in 2017 of course this was actually just one of the many methods I use every single day to debase we have turned video editing and a into into my job and not a part-time job at that something that I can actually live off put money towards my house put money towards my family saving a bit and having a good time and the point of the video is I pretty much just want to appeal to someone out there who are who people maybe needs a little bit extra cash has a certain skill set and maybe did not know where to look so like I said depending on the reaction I get on this video I have loads more tips on other places and other methods not just this website all based around getting work through the internet video editing and the thing about up work is it’s all digital but like I said in the beginning depending on how this video goes down I actually have a great video idea in mind which is how to make money as a videographer online in 2017 and that actually results in you meeting the client in person and and actually getting paid with a cash in hand or a money transfers or you know however you do the details that’s not up to me I’m just trying to connect you guys and show you that it is possible so thank you guys for watching the video if you enjoyed on a call to action here saying that I will be trying to do loads more of these kind of almost self-help kind of videos giving you a little bit of a little bit of advice and information in this kind of video field so thank you guys for watching the video Ivan it’s jack cole have a nice day and goodbye [Music]